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Hedge Fund Card



Please note, we are currently only able to deliver to Jersey, Guernsey and UK addresses (including Northern Ireland).

Jersey standard delivery 2-4 days

Guernsey & UK standard delivery 3-5 days


This gift card funds the planting and maintenance of one metre of hedgerow. Over 30 species of birds in the island rely on hedges for nesting and the RSPB reports that hedgerows support up to 80% of woodland birds, 50% of mammals and up to 30% of butterfly species. Hedgerows near ditches and streams also provide valuable habitat for amphibians. Jersey’s rural landscape consists of small fields bordered by hedgerows but in some cases, these borders have been lost over time. Planting hedgerow creates valuable wildlife corridors, shelter belts and landscape enhancement through joined up and re-instated hedgerows.